Providing a multi-platform booking for private tutoring service in real-time, PrivatQ offers a new solution to respond student needs in studying everywhere and anywhere

  • Multi-platform private tutoring booking on-the-go in real-time
  • Payment gateway availability
  • In-app message feature to simplify communication between student and their tentor (private tutor)
  • Qualified tentor from various backgrounds who are already selected through a series of selection programs with ensured teaching quality acquired through continuous training
  • Two booking platforms: website and smartphone application, with an upcoming call center for orders management through calls and text messages

Yogyakarta, 17 September 2017 – PrivatQ, a digital startup in educational sector / EdTech, formally launched its services at Driyarkara Auditorium, Sanata Dharma University, Yogyakarta, at Sunday (17/9). With on-the-go booking system in real-time, PrivatQ provides convenient access for Tentor in providing private tutoring service, and also for the student in seeking out the tentor of their needs and interests.

The launch of PrivatQ’s integrated multi-platform booking service originated from the interest of Ikhwan Catur Rahmawan, Co-founder & CEO PrivatQ, in education. Being a private tutor since his high school days, Ikhwan’s experience as privat tutor covinced him on the importance of innovations in educational sector. “PrivatQ aims to help people in providing high quality educational service in Indonesia,” Ikhwan said.

Asep Suryana, COO of PrivatQ, explained that Ikhwan’s spirit designed PrivatQ not only as a digital startup in educational sector, but also a platform to nurture conducive peer-to-peer interactions in order to increase the quality of education. “There are several things that cannot be fully adopted in terms of education, one of them is the direct interaction between a teacher and his/her students, and we aim to nurture that kind of atmosphere,” explained Asep.

The statement above was supported by Prof. Suyanto Ph.D., Head of Indonesian Kurikulum 2013 Evaluation Team and Professor from Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta. “We need to utilize technology as tools, not as the target—especially in educational sector,” he explained. According to him, technology innovation in educational sector such as PrivatQ needs to be developed even further to motivate students on their studies.

PrivatQ has been formally launched in Yogyakarta and Solo. In near future, PrivatQ plans to expand their services to other cities in Indonesia. “If we really want to participate and give real contribution in Indonesia’s education, we don’t have to do it in Jakarta. We need to build it from the ground—small cities first,” Ikhwan said.

Yogyakarta, as the city where PrivatQ was first announced, oalso showed the spirit of the founder in educational sector. “For a long time, Yogyakarta has been known as Kota Pendidikan (The City of Knowledge). We want to restore that reputation. If America had Sillicon Valley, we have The City of Knowledge—and it is Yogyakarta,” said Asep.

With the optimization and integration of website and app as its platform—which will also soon will be completed with a call center for phone call and text messages moderation, PrivatQ is looking forward to connect all students and tentors in every city in Indonesia—especially in regions that are not fully covered by internet and technological access.

PrivatQ already has more than 400 trained tentors in Yogyakarta and 200 tentors in Solo. In the next few months, PrivatQ aims to increase the number of tentors to 1.200 in Yogyakarta and Solo. Now, PrivatQ is planning to expand their services in several cities—Jakarta, Malang, Surabaya, and Semarang.

PrivatQ’s smartphone application is now already available in Google Play Store for Android. In near future, PrivatQ will also launch its apps also for iOS users.


About PrivatQ
PT Privatku Global Indo (PrivatQ), an EdTech startup that provide technology innovation services in educational sector. With “Privat Sesukamu” as the tagline, and aim to contribute and participate in improving the quality of education, PrivatQ as startup that built in 2017, provides an integrated multi-platfrom booking for privat tutoring in apps and website, which will also soon completed with Call Center (phone call and text messages) For further information, visit PrivatQ website: www.privatq.co.id

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